Directors, Heads and Managers of social services, accessibility and equity, Strategy & Planning, IT, Management, Guest Relations & Services, Marketing from:

Government Authorities, Developers, Project Owners, Facilities Managers, Procurement Managers from the Transportation, Healthcare, Public services, investments,

This event will bring together the key stakeholders in Dubai and will feature international experts in urban accessibility and universal design.

Who will you meet at the Future Accessibility & Assistive Technology?
  • Governmental bodies
  • Civil society organizations
  • Citizens of Dubai with disabilities
  • International organisations
  • International consultants and experts
  • International NGOs
  • Municipal departments
  • Transportation (road, rail, and air transport)
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Public services
  • Education (nursery, schools, universities…)
  • Leisure Destinations (theme parks, parks and nature reserves, malls, beaches…)
  • Residential and office Accommodation (Apartment Complexes, Villa Communities)
  • Cultural centres (mosques, museums, librairies…)
  • Sports (Gyms and Sports Centres, Extreme Sports, Horse Riding, Water Sports, Competitive Paralympic Sports Facilities)
  • Facilities building (banks, restaurants, hotels…)
  • Property and business developers, owners, contractors
Who Should Sponsor Future Accessibility & Assistive Technology

Who Should Sponsor Future Accessibility Summit 2017?

  • Technology and Software Providers including:
  • Smart mobility solutions
  • Navigation system
  • Assistive language systems
  • Robotics and prosthesis solutions
  • Exoskeleton
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Reading and communication aids
  • Desktop magnifiers
  • Gaming devices
  • Sport materials
  • Building access including lifts, ramps and doors
  • Computer adaptions
  • Smart mobile devices
  • Voice control speech & recognition software
  • Specialized scanners & printers
  • Catering for learning disabilities
  • Wheelchairs
  • Seating products
  • Supporting interaction software
  • Switches
  • Directional signage
  • Disabled door access & buttons
  • Disabled bathrooms & toilet fittings
  • Specialist medical & healthcare equipment suppliers
  • Accessible Format tools
  • Book reader
  • Braille displayer
  • Independent living products
  • Keyboards
  • Low visions and optical aids
  • Mouse alternatives
  • Screen reading
  • Vibrating watches