Future Accessibility Summit 2017 will focus on different aspects of 2020 accessible Dubai: Codes, projects and innovative assistive technology for an effective transformation including:

  • Dubai Code for accessibility: regulations, implementation, endorsement
  • Implementation of accessibility in built environment (from design to construction) and retrofitting
  • Use of assistive robotics in the daily life of persons with disabilities
  • Advanced technology that has to be imposed in the structure of future accessibility
  • Policy for employment & careers path for persons with disabilities
  • Safety and innovation example of accessibility for way finding
  • Information about all kind of cognitive disabilities, the challenges and needs
  • Best practice examples on a global and national level for social-economic inclusion
  • Involvement of school representatives
  • Preparing the hotel chains based in the UAE to welcome universal tourism
  • Accessible and friendly transportation (metro, taxis, roads, buses, shuttles)
  • Enhancing the accessibility of airport and aircraft environment, together with connectors (public transport going to and from the airport)
  • Improving digital technology accessibility: computers, mobile, app, emerging technologies, IoT, wearables, smarthomes and 3D printables
  • Broader use of apps for detection of disabilities in children and early intervention
  • Ensuring accessible and inclusive international events hosting in the UAE (Expo 2020, World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017, Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019)